Why do women find accents sexy?

A few easy answers spring to mind - to increase genetic drift for their offspring. This is most likely not true - people often look to in-group but not too in-group mating. 

But women do find accents sexy, by self-report. But here is the gentle correction: women find native English or Romantic-language accents sexy. Save for this exception, people like an accent that sounds like them. 

I had been poring over the internet looking for the metrics of interracial dating and low-self esteem. Granted, hooking up with someone from England is not interracial, unless they're from the West End, if you know what I mean*. I mostly encountered a ubiquitous survey on perceptions of interracial dating that asked the loaded question: do you believe interracial daters have low self-esteem? That question, if I had never pondered it before, would take me at least five minutes to answer in binary format.

They probably do have lower self-esteem. Why is that question put in a textbook then?
Heathen mille…

Why do females study abroad more? The Study Abroad Gender Gap

On average, because their parents are more inclined to finance this endeavour.

I sought to figure out the question why girls are more likely to study abroad than guys. I did this on my own volition, I reminded myself tacitly, after reading a doctoral thesis, and three journal articles about a topic I care so very little about, and one with no impact on my daily life and an extremely low percentage of the world’s population (and college students, too, given that ~1% follow through with it). 
The obvious answers pervasive throughout literature is that it is major-specific, more women are in the languages and have classes more amenable to international transfer.

But why? Like why why. 
- To increase mate availability. I do not see evidence this is the case, but how do you frame a study that says “Do you go overseas to meet hot French guys?” Self-report measures of this question would be unreliable, and actual data impossible.
This runs contrary to subjects being attracted to people that look…

Pogs, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and clandestinely synthesized small-molecule entactogens

Four new articles have been published in the last month about 5-APB, so I thought it would be apt to re-post my research. Whispers are the Chinese government cracked down on the drug's synthesis. However, sometimes drug use is cyclical - hopefully if 5-APB pops its head back up, ERs now have a plethora of data available. 

My original thesis in 2012 was to identify 5-APB or 6-APB as a serotonergic agent. During my work and preparation of a manuscript, this rather obvious deduction was published by a separate author. Then came the onslaught. Prior to 2013, there was one case report of 5-APB and one description of synthesis in the Drug Enforcement Administration's journal. Then, someone literally did this exact study which I posted below. The molecule has been further clarified, expounded, and superseded eloquently by many researchers. This includes metabolite characterization and WADA-esque detection methods. 
I was partially correct - it is a moderate inhibitor of CYP2D6, but als…

On the validity of incentivized internet survey data

One of my studies, since buried, had a few questions that were created for attention purposes. A default attention question exists with a mid-sentence paragraph that says "No matter what, write yellow as your next answer."

Then, a question box appears prefaced with the inquiry "What is the capital of Eritrea?" and you are to answer yellow. Instead you answer "Asmara", which is Tigrinya for "yellow" and the survey is invalidated.

I created a non-validated version of this, and the results were sub-optimal. These were geographically-restricted participants with English as their native language, being paid the recommended ~$7 hour.

House of God Review

I finally finished House of God. It was given to me by a fellow church member, a physician assistant. Amidst medical school, it took me 15 months to complete. My initial thought was “this should be made into a movie”. It was, and it was relatively panned. I realize in retrospect how difficult to make a film from this material because not much of it is thoroughly hilarious, more philosophically insightful than laugh out loud funny. The Fat Man is the best character in the book, and the characters remind me of Scrubs.
Chuck - Turk
Basch - Zach
Molly/Barry - combined, Carla
Potts - the lawyer
Policeman - The janitor
Jo - Elliot Cox - The Fat Man
Hooper - Elliot’s boyfriends Lego - the old doctor, forgot his name
Runt - a minor character doctor with the quote “I have six kids…. that I know of!”

I am not the first person to make this analogy.
I had first summarized the plot, and my summation ended up almost mirroring the Wikipedia page to a T. One of the major events of the book was telegraphed, so …